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MVFC 2023/24 Supplimental SPRING SEASON TRY-OUT


2023/2024 Spring Soccer Supplemental Try-outs and Evaluations

Who: Any boy or girl with a birth year from 2010-2013, who is looking for a quality training environment and is a dedicated player looking to advance to the next level.



Age Groups: 2012-2013 Birth Year (Boys and Girls)

March 5th and 12th 

Where: Berwick Academy Blue Gym

Time: 6-7 PM 


Age Groups: 2010 & 2011 Birth Year (Boys and Girls)

March 5th and 12th 

Where: Berwick Academy Blue Gym

Time: 7-8 PM 

These tryouts are free of charge! Plan to attend any of the above dates and times that are for your birth year. You can come to one of the days or all the of the days, just come to showcase your talents!



MVFC 2023-24 Supplemental Spring Tryouts Registration

MVFC 2023-24 Goal Keeper Registration

Geoff Carlton

Geoff Carlton

President & Founder

Portsmouth Judo and MVFC Partner for Strength and Agility Training

Press Release about partnership between MVFC and Portsmouth Judo

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Congrats to our MVFC U19 Boys who are moving on to the next level!

Maximum Velocity FC

Maximum Velocity FC is committed to providing a quality Futsal and Soccer training environment for dedicated players who are looking to advance to the next level.

This will allow players to develop advanced skills, understand teamwork and engage at the highest levels of competition. 

MVFC is committed to provide an enriched environment for our players, not only as competitive Futsal and Soccer players, but as community members and leaders.  

We  encourage players to play for their town, Middle School and High School teams as well as MVFC.   MVFC will support and encourage each players' efforts to consistently strengthen their abilities and passion for the game. 

Through hard work and dedication, Maximum Velocity FC players will improve their Futsal and Soccer skills which in turn will produce some of the finest competitive teams.  

MVFC Facility

Maximum Velocity FC's Home Fields

MVFC Futsal League play
Berwick Academy

 Courts #1 #2 #3 #4

MVFC plays in the Northeast Premier Futsal League (NEPFL). Futsal games are held at Berwick Academy, in South Berwick, Maine.